luringgud said: i think im gonna try plugsuit kaw and raiden next year!!!

aahh! lets do plugsuit rei and kaworu together oo m g

oh same thats one of my dream cosplays im seriously planning his cosplay n n nn n

riight oh god it will be amazing

woke up today and my hair looked like raidens
it was a sign, someday I will make a cosplay of that hot cyborg ass

carlylelake said: ooh i see! i have L4D2 as well even tho ive never tried it. (added you btw!!) uwu


carlylelake said: ooh that sucks to hear om g ;_; we should be friends on steam tho!! maybe we could play some games together. im xsakii on steam uwu

I tried adding you but nothing shows up when I search your username :c im mewtea if you want to try. But yeah that would be fun! I only have ffxiv:arr, portal 1&2 and left4dead2 on steam tho

I really am serious if any of you would like a game on steam that is 25eur or less I will give it to you

look how cute I am all dressed for easter
easter is adorable theres so many eggs everywhere